Hi! Welcome to my website.
My name is Matheus Lopes, a.k.a. Mat Lopes, and I’m a color artist from Brazil.
I started working regularly with comics as a colorist in 2012, and since then I’ve contributed to almost every major american publisher, such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Skybound Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Entertaiment and others.
In my bibliography you can find titles like Sandman Universe: The Dreaming (DC), The Dreaming: Waking Hours (DC), Deadbody Road (Skybound), Gasolina (Skybound), Moon Knight (Marvel), Batgirl (DC), The Electric Sublime (IDW) and many more, as you can see in my gallery. For a complete list of works, click here.
I live and breathe art. Color is my great passion and I’m grateful for having such an amazing job.
I hope you enjoy what I love to create.

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